My paintings acknowledge the adaptation made by the wild creatures of our world to changes in their environment. Peregrine falcons, for example, have accepted the substitute of skyscraper for cliff in their continuing efforts to mate, nest and raise their young. I needed a symbolic form to represent the wild creatures who are continuing to coexist with us and the crow became my subject.

A flock of American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) live in my suburban neighborhood and I needed a bird form in my paintings and prints. I was soon paying very close attention to these available subjects. Because of their size and intelligence, it was not difficult to read their body language. For example, were I to approach any other bird on the ground, that bird would notice me, assess the situation and make a decision to fly. All this happening so quickly that it it would be barely noticeable. But, were that bird a crow, he might cock his head as he studied my approach, lower his body in preparation for flight, wait in indecision, and then fly. The expression that can be read in a simple silhouette is weighted with meaning.

The more I observed their behavior, the more interested I became in learning more about them. I used the Internet to search for information and books about crows and the Corvid family to which they belong. This led me to create this centric site, sharing information I have found. If you have any information that could be added, please e-mail me at Please visit my fine art site, and view my artwork.

Terry Davitt Powell